BrainMaster 2EB Clinical System

2ebclExcellent entry level Neurofeedback system! USB Interface. Same specifications as BrainMaster’s original workhorse the AT-2E Wideband:Previously only available with remote training passkey licenses. Now available for professional/clinical use as well.. Amplifier bandwidth extended for high frequency training when using 3.0 software. 2 high quality amplifiers.Input impedance: 1000 GOhms; sampling accuracy: 0.4 microvolts; operating bandwidth: 0.5-64.0 Hz-and is intended to be sampled at a rate of 256 samples per second or faster; CMRR 120 dB minimum; interface to PC: isolated USB, AUX (HEG) interface standard. Robust, reliable, upgradeable, easy to use, the industry EEG workhorse. Supported by BrainMaster 3.0 software release, the BioExplorer Enhanced Driver for BrainMaster; BrainMirror 1.2 and additional software in development. Researchers and practitioners who are working at 40 Hz and above (gamma band) training will find this device of value. It provides superior recording and feedback of fast EEG rhythms 256 sampling rate, provides high resolution recordings for assessment and training purposes.

What is included in this package:

  • 1 – BrainMaster 2EB
  • 1 – 5 – 48″ Gold Electrodes – Cup
  • 1 – USB Cable
  • 1 – Trial 10/20 Paste
  • 1 – Trial NuPrep Gel
  • 1 – BrainMaster Carrying Case
  • 1 – BrainMaster 3.0 Clinical Software License
  • 1 – Complimentary 1 year Affiliate Membership

2EB Clinical $1295.00