Why an Online Biofeedback Bootcamp?

For almost thirty years we have been assisting practitioners in getting the training they need in order to be successful in biofeedback. However, there have been others who simply could not afford to come to our seminars (we have many international clients). Also, there are those who want to get a good grounding in biofeedback before they came to the seminars. Others who want to be able to revue the science as preparation for taking the BCIA exam or just to learn more. Finally, there are those who want to get basic training in order to learn enough to make a sound judgment as to whether they are ready to commit to more in depth training and the travel etc. required to attend the seminars.

Our Biofeedback Bootcamp© has been substantially enhanced. We consider our online course to be on a par or superior to any commercial or university biofeedback program we are aware of. Biofeedback Bootcamp provides a comprehensive review of biofeedback for BCIA certification preparation and professional education. We designed this ground-breaking distance learning course to complement and reinforce the in-depth training provided by our seminars. The 18 professionally-illustrated tutorials contain the latest research findings and provide multiple-choice testing to accelerate your learning. Each tutorial starts with an overview and list of the BCIA learning objectives that will be covered, and ends with multiple-choice testing and a recommended reference list.

The 18 Biofeedback Bootcamp© tutorials cover:

  • Biofeedback History
  • Concepts
  • Electricity
  • Psychophysiology
  • Relaxation Training
  • Skeletal Muscle System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Electrodermal System
  • Respiratory System

Sample a complete section from Biofeedback BootCamp© !

  • Central Nervous System
  • EMG Instrumentation
  • Cardiovascular Instrumentation
  • Electrodermal Instrumentation
  • EEG Instrumentation
  • Musculoskeletal Applications
  • Neuromuscular Applications
  • Cardiovascular Applications
  • Neurofeedback Applications

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