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07 December 2005
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I.Health Training Seminars Presents its Winter BCIA Certification Seminars
II. ProComp Infiniti Workshops: Introduction to ProComp BioGraph Infiniti, Developer Tools Lite, and Developer Tools 2-Day Workshop
III.Kiddie QR is Back!
IV.New York State Mental Health License


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  3. Kiddie QR is Back!

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Julie Weiner, Alan Strohmayer and others in the Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society have been working very hard with local lawmakers to get a license for biofeedback practitioners in New York State. So far we have not been able to get a specific biofeedback license. There is now however, a new Mental Health Counseling license that many biofeedback practitioners can qualify for. This license includes the use of biofeedback in practice.

There is a limited time that those in New York State can apply for the mental health counseling license under a grand fathering pathway if you meet the requirements. According to a letter from the State of New York Education Department, Office of Professions, BCIA certification will be acceptable as equivalent to Counseling or Rehabilitation Counseling certification. It will be accepted for Alternative Pathway 2 as an alternative to examination to prove entry-level competence. You should go directly to the website
to read the requirements and download the application. The application must be sent in by December 31, 2005.

The Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society continues to work on a possible biofeedback license. For the near future the new mental health counselor license is a good option for unlicensed practitioners who wish to practice biofeedback independently in New York State.

The following is an excerpt from the announcement that Julie Weiner prepared:

The Office of Professions of the New York State Education Department has recognized BCIA certification as a qualification for grandfathering into licensure as a mental health counselor for people with two years of counseling education or the equivalent who have worked in some sort of counseling or mental health capacity for seven of the past ten years. (If you have worked ten of the last fifteen, but not seven of the last ten years, you may also apply for licensure, but will need 5 rather than 3 endorsers, and BCIA certification will be irrelevant.) Even people who are not BCIA certified can qualify if they have worked for at least 3 years under the supervision of a psychologist, mental health counselor, social worker, psychiatrist or other mental health professional.

The license available is “New York State licensed mental health counselor.” The grandfathering period lasts through January 1, 2006.

Because many other states already license mental health counselors, and some have reciprocal relationships for counselor’s licenses, this may be an opportunity even for people living outside New York to become licensed in their own state based on the relative portability of this type of license. (Different states have different rules for accepting out of state mental health counseling licenses. In general, this is considered a more portable license than a psychologist’s, and indeed, I know of at least one NYS licensed psychologist who is considering applying because it would make moving to another state easier.)

The remaining window of opportunity for grandfathering is through January 1, 2006–two months remain. The application and list of required documentation of credentials is posted at:

All the forms people need to file this $345 application can be downloaded from


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