Ritalin Warnings from Federal Advisory Panel

22 May 2006
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I.Ritalin Warnings from Federal Advisory Panel
II.Infiniti Version 3.0 Upgrade is Ready
III.Training Schedule


  1. Ritalin Warnings from Federal Advisory Panel

    We are all familiar with the heart problems and deaths that surfaced related to Vioxx. This finally led to a recall. There have been other warnings of possible long term negative effects associated with Ritalin and other stimulant drugs. Could the same thing happen with Ritalin?

    According to a February 2006 New York Times article by Gardiner Harris there have been reports of 25 sudden deaths (mostly children) of people taking stimulants. A review of millions of medical records suggested that the use of stimulant drugs may double the risk of heart problems.

    A federal advisory panel voted unanimously to have manufacturers include written guides to those using stimulants. They voted 8 to 7 to suggest serious drug-risk warning labels. Dr. Thomas R. Fleming of the University of Washington served on the panel. He believes that stimulants might be even more dangerous to the heart than Vioxx or Bextra which were both taken off the market.

    The article states that stimulants are the type of medicine most prescribed for children with behavior problems. The numbers of children taking stimulants is about 2.5 million. There are about 1.5 million adults taking them. It is estimated that over 30 million stimulant prescriptions are written every year.

    As a result of analyzing millions of medical records evidence was found to suggest that stimulants cause an increase in the risk of arrhythmias and also strokes. In response to the presentation, Dr. Nissen, another committee member said “I want to cause people’s hands to tremble a little bit before they write that prescription”.

    I am in the process of reading the book “Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau. In his book he mentions an experiment in which 100 people were sent to psychiatrists to be tested for ADD. These people did not have ADD. They were “normal” well balanced people who received good grades in school. The psychiatrists were not aware of this. They were just told that the subjects were having concentration problems and needed to be tested. In this experiment every single one of the 100 people were given the diagnosis of ADD and prescriptions for Ritalin or other psychiatric drugs. This is hard to believe and very upsetting. It means that it is very likely that many people are being given prescriptions for potentially dangerous drugs for conditions that they may not even have.

    William Pelham who is the director at the Center for Children and Families at the State University at Buffalo believes that a stimulant drug warning may result in more people looking at behavioral treatments for ADHD before turning to stimulant drugs.

    As the public becomes more informed about the potential dangers of stimulant drugs more opportunities are being created for those who are trained in neurofeedback and other non-drug therapies.

  2. Infiniti Version 3.0 Upgrade is Ready

    Go to for a free download.

    The BioGraph Infiniti® 3.0 software release includes many new features:

    • Quick Launch User Interface
    • Multiple Action DVD Feedback
    • Real-Time Multi-Trend Graphs
    • Screen Preview Thumbnails
    • Auto scaling and Centering
    • Manual/Automatic Threshold Toggle
    • Enhanced Template Editor
    • Record/Review Quick Toggle
    • Hotkey Event Markers


    The new BioGraph Infiniti software is packed with features designed to make your clinical work easier.

    • Switching between 5 feedback environments in a single session:To make sessions more engaging and challenging the system allows you to load up-to 5 display screens for each session. To facilitate reviewing, the software automatically ‘time marks’ screen-switching events and places a marker on the review graphs.
    • Editing display screens on the fly: While in recording or replaying mode, you can rapidly access either of the full or lite screen editors, by stopping the session, selecting a menu item, making your changes, closing the editor and restarting your session right away! The switch is virtually transparent.
    • Editing virtual channels settings on the fly: To easily modify smoothing factors, filter cutoff frequencies, thresholds, counter targets, etc. simply pause the session, select a menu item, make the change and un-pause. It’s that simple!
    • Easy customizing of reports: One-click selection of report options, including session graphs, table of statistics, table of event markers and session notes. Choose to fit the whole session on one graph or print multiple graphs. Easily add a clinic name and a treatment code to every session report.
    • Compatibility with a number of third-party products: Ability to export sensor or statistical data to ASCII files. Ability to interface with systems like the Cognysis DVD and gaming devices, HEG, Peter Van Deusen’s TLC Assess program, Dr. Steve Padgitt’s and George Martin’s animation packages, and many others.
    • Superior Technology and expandability: BioGraph Infiniti integrates the most recent DirectX graphics technology and supports the addition of customized CDs developed by expert clinicians and authorized biofeedback distributors. B ioGraph Infiniti is available in various languages.

  3. Training Schedule

    Biofeedback BCIA Certifiction


    The 5 day program meets all 48 didactic hours required by BCIA including 24 hours of training, demonstrations, etc. using cutting edge computerized biofeedback equipment plus 24 hours applications, protocols, adjunctive interventions and clinical and business strategies for smooth integration of biofeedback into your existing practice. Includes supervised evening sessions.

    Jul 14-18, 2006 – Tarrytown, NY Sep 16-20, 2006 – Tarrytown, NY
    Price: $990

    Erik Peper, Ph.D and Fred Shaffer, Ph.D teach this innovative 5-day seminar that is designed to teach clinicians biofeedback fundamentals and cutting-edge applications. This program covers all 48 hours of the BCIA Didactic Biofeedback Education requirement through powerful demonstrations of biofeedback and adjunctive procedures, imaginative hands-on lab exercises with multi-channel computerized equipment, professional multimedia presentations, and comprehensive review materials. This program integrates personal hands-on training with equipment with didactic presentation.

    Jul 22-26, 2006 – Philadelphia, PA Aug 12-16, 2006 Chicago, IL Nov 11-15, 2006 San Francisco, CA Jan 13-17, 2007, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    Price: $1095


    EEG Neurofeedback Self Regulation Training has been practiced for more than 44 years. This remarkable new modality developed gradually until about 1990. Since then, interest has surged, providing substantial opportunity for health care and educational professionals. Many practitioners have found EEG Biofeedback to be so effective and widely applicable that it has become the primary modality of their practice, adjunctive to almost all of the therapeutic and educational strategies they use.

    A growing number of World Class Scientists and Practitioners are suggesting that the emergence of EEG Biofeedback may be one of the most important developments in health care and education in our time. The extraordinary possibilities implied by the evolution in EEG Biofeedback are generating escalating international excitement and urgently needed research.

    Jul 28-31, 2006, Tarrytown, NY Oct 20-23, 2006, Tarrytown, NY
    Price: $790


    Introduction to BioGraph Infiniti Developer Tools Lite 1-Day Workshop Developer Tools 2-Day Workshop


    This 1-day workshop is for researchers and health professionals that want to learn how to use the latest biofeedback technology. The morning session provides an overview of the key features of the BioGraph Infiniti software and hardware. In the afternoon, participants are shown how to use different sensors and multimedia biofeedback screens for physiological indicators including Surface Electromyography (SEMG), Respiration, Temperature, Skin Conductance, Electroencephalography (EEG), Heart Rate and Electrocardiology (EKG). This 1-day course is a basic and general introduction & software instrumentation training only.


    The Developer Tools Light workshop is a 1-day hands-on training using BioGraph Infiniti Screen Editors and Scripts. It teaches you how to make quick modifications on-the-fly to screens, and build new screens & scripts.


    Developer Tools workshop is a 2-day hands-on training using the BioGraph Infiniti Channel, Screen, and Script Editors. This workshop is targeted at power users of the BioGraph Infiniti environment. Receive an overview on the key concepts behind the Channel, Screen, and Script editors, opening the door to further learning in this exceptionally powerful development environment.

    Workshop Dates/Locations

    June 2006—————————-

    Introduction to BioGraph Infiniti 1-Day Workshop
    Friday, June 9th, 2006

    Developer Tools Lite Workshop
    Saturday, June 10th, 2006

    Introduction to BioGraph Infiniti 1-Day Workshop
    Friday, June 23rd, 2006

    Developer Tools Lite Workshop
    Saturday, June 24th, 2006

    July 2006—————————-

    Introduction to BioGraph Infiniti 1-Day Workshop
    Friday, July 7th, 2006

    Developer Tools Lite Workshop
    Saturday July 8th, 2006

    Introduction to BioGraph Infiniti 1-Day Workshop
    Friday, July 21st, 2006

    Developer Tools Lite Workshop
    Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

    Workshop Cost

    1-Day Workshop = $100 US
    2-Day Workshop = $195 US
    3-Day Workshop = $275 US

    For more information or to register, please contact our workshop coordinator: 1-877-669-6463 / 914-762-4646.


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