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CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. Some people find these brief, positive statements easier to use than an immersive, 20 minute imagery experience. Besides, you can drive, dress, fold laundry or shave while listening to these affirmations. They come from our General Wellness, Relieve Stress and Combat Depression programs.

CD: We created this 2-part guided imagery audio with noted cardiothoracic surgeon Mehmet Oz at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, to accelerate healing, reduce pain and depression and motivate exercise and healthy new habits, while cultivating optimism and patience with the recovery process. (88 min.)

CD: The mind and its images has a profound effect upon the experience of pain. A football player doesnt feel his broken ribs until after the game. A frightened child feels much more pain from an injection. You can learn to shift your awareness and diminish the pain signals reaching your brain.

CD: First tighten your fists as tightly as you can, then release all at once. Feel the delicious warmth pouring into your hands. Relieve knotted tension from the muscles all over your body. Release tension from the fine muscles of your throat, eyes and face.

CD: Eight superb segments combine mindfulness, breathwork, imagery of pain being blocked energy and trapped toxins, Buddhist notions about acceptance and thoughtful cultivation of new habits in response to pain combine to create an extremely intelligent and effective tool.

CD: Thoughts, emotions and stress have a major effect on nearly all types of hypertension. Powerful, drug-free methods use the energy of your mind to help return your blood pressure to normal. Includes several different deep relaxation/guided imagery experiences to help guide you in: a) reducing tension, b) discovering the triggers of blood pressure elevation, c) inactivating those triggers and d) enjoying your new, higher level of health. Some people may be able, through the use of these methods, to lower their pressure without the use of medication. Others may still need antihypertensive medication, but smaller amounts (and fewer side effects!)

CD: One of Dr. Miller’s original recordings, Easing Into Sleep is a beautifully recorded program to fall asleep faster and awake refreshed. Gentle guided imagery is narrated by the soothing voice of Dr. Miller offers suggestions that will help lull you into restorative sleep and create the tomorrow you want.Easing into sleep will help you to off mind-chatter, strengthen your spirit and slip into the sleep you need to achieve your maximum potential of health and performance.

World-renowned musician, Robert Haig Coxon, accompanies Dr. Miller with sweet music especially composed for this recording. Easing Into Sleep is a wonderful gift for those hard-driving workaholics you know and love and it’s perfect for those with chronic illness, in hospital, or under stress. Ideal for your iPod, too.

CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. Through relaxing around and through physical or emotional pain, refocusing the mind and marshalling serotonin-elevating images of love, gratitude, safety and peace, pain is minimized or even transformed.

CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. This guided imagery combines images of tumors shrinking and fighter cells battling and triumphing over cancer cells, with motivation strengthening and energy mobilizing. Steve Kohn’s rich, empowering music broadcasts strength, support, safety and hope.

FOCUSED MIND STATE CDs: This unique program teaches you how to get in touch with your “calm intensity” and maximize your psychological and emotional performance. Dozens of powerful techniques which combine the newest mind technologies with ancient wisdom, will teach you: how to free yourself from mental dullness, the power of mindfulness, renewed commitment to goals, manage the outer demands of your environment and the inner elements of high stress and emotion and acquire greater flexibility of attention.

FREEING YOURSELF FROM FEAR: 3 CDs.Your own internal antidote to fears and phobias is awakened through deep relaxation, breathing techniques, guided imagery and positive affirmations while fears are gently released. An excellent guide to using the “hierarchical desensitization method” of overcoming fear and phobias.

FREEING YOURSELF FROM FEAR: 3 CASSETTES: The fear response is a learned habit. You have become accustomed to seeing things in a certain light, and reacting with fear. But fear is all in your mind, and if you know it is useless or unreasonable to be having fear, you can use this technique to reduce or eliminate it. Let go of fear and maximize your enjoyment of life with the easy-to-use techniques found in this program. Your own internal antidote to fears and phobias is awakened through deep relaxation, breathing techniques, guided imagery, and positive affirmations while fears are gently released. An excellent guide to using the “hierarchical desensitization method” of overcoming fear and phobias.

GATEWAY TO INNER PEACE FOR DEEP RELAXATION AND SELF-HEALINGCD: Easily learn to create a “relaxation response” and measure your results with biofeedback. This is a “gateway to meditation” for those who think they can’t meditate, it will take you to that space. Very beneficial if you’re dealing with stress related conditions such as insominia, chronic pain, anxiety, ibs, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure. Comes with Biodots for biofeedback and 5-page instruction booklet.

GENERAL WELLNESS CD: by Belleruth Naparstek. I wrote this guided imagery to be used as a kind of all-purpose, healing meditation, with rich images of how the body rids itself of unhealthy cells and replaces them with healthy new growth. It’s got some lush metaphors that provide a general spiritual uplift.


Neuromuscular Re-Education with sEMG Biofeedback – Gabriel Stella: CD.