Disposable Sensors

3BF3 Quick Stick

Package of 100 in strips of 3



silver chloride electrodes(100 per box)


Pre-Gelled Disposable Electrodes

Set of 150 electrodes


White Cloth Moveable Pre-Gelled EMG Sensor

Package of 150 Moveable EMG Sensor


UniGel Pre-Gelled Single Electrodes

For sensitive placements on dry skin


Ringtrode Pre-Gelled Hard Plastic Disc Electrode

50 blue ring electrode snaps per bag


Neurotrode Pregelled Hard Plastic Disc Electrode

Quantity 60 (6 per foil pouch, 10 pouches)



includes SE-29 electrodes, SE-22A earclips


SE-20: C2+12 Disposable EEG electrodes

Pack of 100, cups and pellets.


SE-35: C2+12 Velcro EDR/SR finger electrodes

Pack Of 2


SE-13: C2+12 electrodes

EEG earclips and ECG wrist electrodes, pack of 6.


SE-55: C2+12 Pre-gelled disposable electrodes

1 3/8″ diameter, pack of 100.


SE-22A: C2+12 EEG earclips and replaceable electrodes

Pack Of 2


SE-12: C2+12 Replacement electrodes for SE-20

EEG cups, pack of 100.