Free Training

Take advantage of the opportunities for free training with Biofeedback Resources:

We are offer three, free introductory online e-courses to better acquaint you with Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and MindFitness (Peak Performance) Training. It is our hope that these introductory courses will stimulate you to learn even more and perhaps take advantage of the many opportunities afforded by an ever growing field.

The three Introductory courses are:

  • Clinical Biofeedback
  • Clinical Neurofeedback
  • MindFitness Training

To sign up for one of the courses, click HERE.

You are also invited to test drive a free section from the Biofeedback Bootcamp©. The complete course has 14 additional Modules that prepare you with the fundamental knowledge of a seasoned Biofeedback Professional.

To read more about the free section of Biofeedback Bootcamp courtesy of Biofeedback Resources, click HERE.

Biofeedback Resources offers a discount on its world class training with an equipment purchase of $4000 dollars or more!   Even if you decide to purchase equipment after attending one of our seminars, you would be refunded $300 of the training cost.

Call or email for details:
877-669-6463 or 914-762-4646