Kidde QR


An imaginative and fun experiential stress management program, which is designed for children ages 3 plus through 9.

The Kiddie QR is a life long skill for healthy control over the childs own thoughts, emotions, feelings, and physical reactions to distress. This skill carries over to family and peer interactions, to all areas of school performance, achievement, socialization, and self-esteem.

  • Safe for child to do alone.
  • No side effects.
  • Doesn’t interfere with cultural beliefs.
  • Not a drop-out technique which requires leaving the task at hand.
  • Eyes open skill -Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace.
  • Immediate at the time of stress and used unobserved.
  • Can be a shared family, classroom and peer experience.
  • For prevention of stress related conditions and for intervention with emotional and physical illness.
  • Adjunctive to other therapeutic intervention.

What Do Children Learn?

Prevention and healing. With eyes open, children learn the six-second QR Reflex by meeting My Friend QR and the 16 Healthy Body Friends. These little Body Friends are fun and safe metaphors for the complex protective physiologic self-regulatory mechanisms (healthy body machinery listed below) that reinforce an important life skill of prevention and healing. My Friend QR becomes the guiding coach with each companion Body Friend on the CDs.

These 16 Elements build upon the awareness of the cues and clues of physical distress and show how to reverse the discomfort.

Children learn to have a feeling of emotional and physical control using the KQR exercises as they:

  • Regulate shallow or rapid breathing.
  • Quiet the racing sensations in the heart and chest.
  • Intercept sustained inappropriate muscle tension and bracing in all areas of the body.
  • Decrease the constriction of blood flow to the hands and feet, which induces coldness.
  • Release tension in the face, neck, and related muscles.
  • Reduce sensations of heaviness and warmth to the stomach and to the periphery of the body Interrupt hyper-vigilant patterns.
  • Regulate sleep patterns.
  • Create an alert mind and calm body.

Program Description

The program contains two audio CDs for children with 16 stories in unique, safe, grounded adventures with visualization exercises.

Guided imagery of 4 to 8 minutes in length and in age appropriate language and graphics depicting the KQR Body Friends, as a shared game for visual reinforcement.

The five booklets include: A 50 page Adult Guide Booklet, designed for the home, classroom, and clinical use.

Four Individual Booklets containing specific information for adults about objectives, physiological considerations and teaching suggestions.

Transcripts of the 16 Elements for the children, which are on the audio CDs.

Kiddie QR $ 99.00