The Importance of Home Training for Successful Biofeedback Training
26 August 2008

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I. The Importance of Home Training for Successful Biofeedback Training - by Harry Campbell
II. Announcements


I. The Importance of Home Training for Successful Biofeedback Training - by Harry Campbell

How successful could you expect to become at playing a new musical instrument if you took one or two 30-40 minute lessons per week and never did any additional practicing? Erik Peper, author of "Biofeedback Mastery, An Experiential Teaching and Self-Training Manual" made this point during a BCIA Certification training he taught for Biofeedback Resources International in Schaumburg, IL, in early August.

Do you know many people who study a musical instrument who don't own or rent an instrument to practice on? The process of learning biofeedback and self-regulation is no different. Your clients need to practice the skills you teach them in the office.

Much of the practice can be done without instrumentation. Some of the relaxation exercises that can be done without instrumentation include progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic relaxation, guided imagery, and diaphragmatic breathing. You can also instruct your clients to use relaxation CDs to practice relaxation. It is also helpful to teach clients to constantly scan their bodies for signs of stress reaction. They can check for excess muscle tension - raised shoulders, clenched jaw, or tense forehead. They can ask themselves, "is my hand temperature warm or cold, are my hands sweaty, is my heart beating fast, am I holding my breath?"

There are many tools that can be very helpful for home training.

Since Heart Rate Variability is such a popular modality these days I am suggesting the Stress Eraser which is an excellent portable HRV trainer that can be used by clients outside of the office. It is very effective for practicing diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation. You can rent or lend them to clients or suggest that they buy their own. One of the greatest features of the Stress Eraser is that it will track your clients' practice sessions to check compliance. It has been used in several research projects and has been recommended by many of the top HRV practitioner/researchers in the biofeedback field.

The Stress Eraser can be ordered from Biofeedback Resources International at 877-669-6463 or 914-762-4646.

To learn more about the Stress Eraser:

This link will list several of the other tools I will highlight in future newsletters:


II. Announcements

Register now for October 25-29th BCIA Biofeedback Certification Training and the November 7-10 BCIA Neurofeedback Certification Training. Both programs will take place in Hawthorne, NY (40 minutes north of New York City). Call 877-669-6463 or 914-762-4646

More information on training:



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