ProComp Temperature Sensor

Temperature measuring between 10C-45C


ProComp Respiration Sensor

Rubber band fixed with velcro respiration belt


ProComp BVP Sensor

Sensor to measure pulse rate of client.


EEG-Z3 sensor

EEG-Z3 is a pre-amplified sensor with built in impedance checking


ProComp Sensor EEG-Z

It monitors both the reactive and resistive elements of the client, sensor connection.


ProComp Sensor EEG

A pre-amplified sensor, without built in impedance sensing.


ProComp Sensor EKG

Sensor, for directly measuring heart electrical activity


Polar SA9330

Detects the heart rate of a user from the Polar belt


EKG Wrist Straps

Provide fast, convenient placement of electrodes for measuring EKG from wrists.



It monitors skin impedance and sensor connection. Signal Input Range 0 – 2000 µV.


Myoscan-Pro EMG Sensor

Features a range switch in sensor head to change filter settings between 0 400 ⁷V Narrow filter.


Myoscan EMG Sensor

pre-amplified electromyography sensor used with the Infiniti channels A B for RAW sEMG


TP-60: C2+12 Electrode cable

3 1.5mm jacks for TP leads/standard EEG electrodes.


MC-5D: C2+12 ECG/HRV Gel

free wrist-to-wrist electrodes, bands, and cables kit.


MC-6SY: C2+12 Temperature/EDR cable

Cable with temp sensor and finger electrodes.