T.O.V.A.-Visual & Audio

Software: T.O.V.A.-Visual & Audio: Screening tool for ADD. 22.5 min. computerized assessment used in conjunction with classroom behavior ratings. Includes 5 tests.

The T.O.V.A. objectively measures the key components of attention and self-control, variability (consistency), response time (speed), commissions (impulsivity), and omissions (focus and vigilance). The T.O.V.A. provides information that is not available through self-report or the report of others. It can be used along with subjective measures for a more comprehensive picture of academic, social, and personal performance. The T.O.V.A. does not make a diagnosis.


  • Custom-designed hardware precisely measures reaction times (±1 ms)
  • Language and culture-free testing (with 8 different test instruction languages)
  • Separate visual and auditory tests
  • Extensively normed by gender for ages 4 to 80+
  • Embedded Performance Validity to flag unusual performance
  • Immediately available, easy-to-read report
  • Home and School Success Strategies available for treatment options
  • Any personnel can be trained to administer the test
  • Sufficiently long to measure vigilance
  • Shorter test for young children

T.O.V.A.-Visual & Audio $395