A sophisticated, yet simple to use, battery-operated unit, U-Control enables patients to self-train with prescribed exercises, at home, to re-educate pelvic muscles for better urinary or fecal control.
Two LEDs cue patients to tense or relax either for 5 or 10 seconds. Patients view their progress on an ascending or descending bargraph scale or 15 LEDs and listen for rising or falling variations in a continuous tone.

U-Control has an adjustable threshold setting to enable health professionals and patients to revise and report on their training programs as they progress.

Patients use a comfortable, reusable vaginal or rectal sensor in combination with simple biofeedback exercises to improve bladder and bowel function by:

  • holding a steady LED readout or tone.
  • intensifying muscle contractions above the threshold level
  • repeating a preset number of exercises
  • striving for specific LED readings or tones

U-CONTROL $ 350.00