• “Biofeedback training is the process of mastering psychophysiological self-regulation skills, with the aid of information from a biofeedback instrument, and is similar to skills learning in any activity such as sports, music, or education.”
  • “The essential ingredients of biofeedback training are those of training in any complex skill: clear goals, rewards for approximating goals, enough time and practice for learning, proper instructions, a variety of training techniques, and feedback of information.”

Shellenberger and Green (1986)

How Can Healthcare Professionals Use Biofeedback To Help Their Clients?

Biofeedback allows you to quantify changes that take place through various therapy modalities. Biofeedback is a tool that can help clients learn to reduce muscle tension and other physiological reactions to stress. In some cases these reactions can be contributing to symptoms. Biofeedback helps clients feel empowered about reducing their discomfort.

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